Welcome to Kizunas!

Kizunas is a linkshell that was founded in 2005 by Mikalo. Although Mikalo doesn't play anymore we still follow the basic ideals that Mikalo put forward. This is why we're one of the longest lasting and strongest linkshells in FFXI.

Linkshell events start at 9 PM EST and can last 3-6 hours. Events can include Voidwatch, Abyssea, Sky, Sea, Dynamis, Einherjar, and KS99 + Kings. If you're having a few problems with your schedule please explain the situation in the application. Some exceptions can be made. Before applying please read all of the rules here. If you want to chat with the linkshell, or ask a question you can do so here.

After making your application it will be open for discussion with the Kizunas members. Expect around a 2-3 day wait for a decision to be reached. After a decision has been reached among the Kizunas members, we will contact you via Guildwork message, or a tell ingame.

More info.

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