Deadgye Default replied

349 weeks ago

Ya'll still alive? Hope everyone I still remember is in good health and having fun. Figured at least some of you might be playing D3 so I came by to leave my battle tag. Deadgye#1691 Perhaps we'll be able to catch up and you can tell me if thf is still being anally raped by SE. (´・ω・`)

Don't have to worry about me coming back though lol. :p I can't even see myself playing another MMO in the future. I never have enough time these days to commit to something like that. Four years down, only one more to go until I finally get my BE.

Alorian Default replied

347 weeks ago

^^ good to hear from you! Glad to know you didn't die in some strange dark alleyway I've been pondering about getting D3 but not sure yet! What are you going to school for again??? And FF is still well… yea lmao come say hi on TS sometime!

Deadgye Default replied

345 weeks ago

D3 is overall pretty fun and addicting, but there's some flaws they need to work out before it gets to the godly level of d2. School is SUNY Stony Brook, if I can't land a job after I graduate next year I might end up staying there another 2 years for a masters lol. E3 is making XIV look pretty good. If people say the gameplay is good a month after 2.0 releases I might reactivate my xiv account >.>.

I guess I'll hop on TS sometime in the future or something. 4:1 says cam tries to get me to play again lol.
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