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Ok Dynamis is a 120 min event.

It is vital everyone that wants to participate is at the start because if you are not there for the time extensions you will not be able to stagger the mobs for coins. Under this reasoning if you can't stagger you may not get a share of the coins outside this drops are decided by the usual methods.

Anyway at the start of the run we will get all the time extensions before doing w/e the aim is because of staggers and the additional time.

How to stagger
On PLD WAR DRK DRG and SAM it WSes so just WS spam but don't use the same WS twice.

On RDM WHM BLM SMN and BLM is magic so BLM,BRD,RDM and WHM just cast random spells on them till staggered Sleep > Slow > Para > Gravity > Blind > Bind > Break > Sleep II is a great way to try and stagger a slept mob (norm Nukes work)

On MNK RNG THF NIN and BST is Ja staggering basically u have 1-2 /DNC to spam steps and finshing moves on them also COR is decent with QD.

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