Rezeak Default replied

386 weeks ago

Kizunas is relatively easy to get into as long as you can get along with everyone.

Here's the point, we're not asking for the pimp gear + weapons we want players that have the right attitude so we can get them to a near perfect level so we can make Kizunas even stronger. :D

We're happy to accept regulars to join us for…
Voidwatch (your box your drop)
Einherjar ichor only (if ya have a mythic and need ichor feel free to join in ^^)
Legion (since it seems that it may work on a points system regulars will be welcomed)

In the rare case that the event has too many members, places will be decided by people that turn up on time with attendance that benefit others.

Also: Teamspeak is very useful and FUN!!!! (you don't need to speak but need to be able to listen in)

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dailything replied

255 weeks ago

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