Rezeak Default replied

386 weeks ago

I decided to write a little about kizunas since we are pretty closed off to the rest of FFXI.

I'll start with a kinda FAQ

What is kizunas?

It's just a group of friends getting stuff done really the rules are only there to allow new members to get into the shell and have a rough understanding of how we work.

How does the sack decide stuff?

The basic idea is all the sack need to do is communicate with the linkshell members to get an idea of what people want for example we have random nights and frequently re ask what empyrean/gear people want, anyway with the info gathered it's usually decided by what most useful for the linkshell then who hasn't gotten much in a while. Honestly the only problem here is that we never have enough to do cause we get everything done so fast :(. The other great side of this is say a gimp BLM joins the ls we will make sure he's geared out as fast as we can cause we believe in making sure that everyone has at least 1 great job otherwise there just leeching.

All your linkshell does is farm Empyrean and Af3+2!

Yes and No … Ok here the thing Empyrean and Af3+2 are so easy which is also the best gear in the game to the point over 50% of our event focus on it so until SE fix dyna AV ZNM SEA SKY properly this will be the case till we're done. Not to say tho if a member needs something we'll do it for them like how i'm building an ultima pop for members that don't have that ultimate atma and we have PW and AV on the todo list but it's such a waste of time.
We only done Voidwatch cause it was new and well we're on a wait and see for that too.
Short answer yes we farm the best gear in the game.

I think that'll do for now for the FAQ

I'd like to end tho by saying this

There is a reason Kizunas is still on the server and honestly it's because we're not a business type of ls we don't have points or gil to follow stuff we work on a system of a friendship if you put people before yourself in kizunas your prolly gonna get everything you want regardless of how much or play or how good you are cause that's the basic value that makes us strong.

Rezeak Default replied

386 weeks ago

Nice little fact
Almost every active member has an Empyrean weapon :P and most are working on another ^^

The few people who don't have Empyrean either aren't on much or aren't active or only just joined (Odorf :P) either start working on those trials.

Goddamn those greedy sacks wanting everyone to have empyrean so we have one of the strongest Linkshells on the server.

Odorf replied

386 weeks ago

4/8 on tammuz, then ready for some Bri!
Man, funnest, best ls I've ever been in. Most efficient to boot.
"And he's got a great job, a giant ****, and is a truly awesome Final Fantasy player!" -No woman ever.
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