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388 weeks ago

Kizunas is mainly driven by their members and not by the sacks, which is why members input is used to help decide who can lot on certain items. We use our best judgment as to who best deserves the items based on attendance, your main and secondary jobs, and your general attitude towards the members of Kizunas.

1) Be courteous to other members
2) Don't be selfish
3) Don't try to cause any drama
4) Remember we're playing a game together with a few thousand people
5) Keep a sense of humor
6) You may not sell a piece of equipment obtained from events if anyone else in the linkshell wants it

We understand that you may not be able to make it to every event, however if you are online and are able to play then you will be expected to attend events.

To new applicants: New members will be given a one week trial period where they may not lot on anything unless the item is freelot.

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