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Kizunas is strongly driven by their members. The input of our members is used to help decide who will lot on items, but final deciding vote is given by a sack. We use our best judgment as to who best deserves the items based on attendance, your main and secondary jobs, and your general attitude towards the members of Kizunas.

Abyssea: Mandatory Prerequisite for Lotting:
Each person must designate one main job and one secondary job, which will be used to determine lotting priorities. You cannot change your main and secondary jobs if you have already begun lotting items for that job. You will not be given priority to lot on job items until you have identified these in the forum thread.
Main jobs will lot against each other to obtain a greater than 50% of their required items for upgrading to their AF3 +1 or 2s. If two or more members receive greater than 50% of the required items, they will then /random at the same time for the rest of their drops. Highest random wins.
Ex: First “main” to obtain 5/8 seals for a base AFv3 will receive the next 3 seals in order to complete the set. If there are no mains, then the lotting priority listed below will take effect.

Lotting priority is as follows:
1st: Main with >50% of required items
2nd: Main with <50% of required items
3rd: Secondary job with >50% of required items
4th: Secondary job with <50% of required items
5th: Able to use with >50% of required items
6th: Able to use with <50% of required items
7th: Freelot to the people who have the job to the level of the item.
8th: Freelot to anyone who wants the item.

Other items from Abyssea such as Bullwhip Belt, Epona’s Ring, etc.:

Lotting priority is as follows:
1st: Main who has helped killed the NM that drops the item before.
2nd: Secondary who has helped killed the NM that drops the item before.
3rd: Someone who can use the item that has helped killed the NM that drops the item before.
4th: Main job
5th: Secondary job
6th: Anyone that can use the item
7th: Freelot to the person who has the job leveled that can use the item.
8th: Freelot to anyone who wants the item.

We have good reason for why we have people who have helped killed the NMs before as priority before Main jobs who haven’t. Imagine if you, player A killed Rani 30 times before to help other members obtain Epona’s Rings. Now you are a main WHM, and a secondary BLM, but you have THF leveled and you want to gear it well. Since everyone else has already obtained an Epona’s Ring, you’re next in line. That’s when Player B comes in, a MNK who never killed the NM but believes that he should be able to lot it because his main is MNK. While you certainly have the option to pass for Player B if you think that the Epona’s Ring will benefit him/her more than it will benefit you, you don’t have to. You will still take priority over Player B, you’ve fought Rani 30 times, while Player B is just about to fight it for the first time with the linkshell. You deserve it more.

Empyrean weapons:
Linkshell members decide who the linkshell will be making the next Empyrean for. The decision will be based on attendance, willingness to help others, and your general attitude towards the linkshell. Every player that sticks with Kizunas will get an Empyrean weapon, in most cases more than one.

Note: You must have the trials up to the point of when you need the trial items to be considered. If we find out that you didn't have the trials finished, your 85 version will be moved to the last priority.

Low manning pops outside of event time:
If you have low manned items for your AF3s outside of event time you will not be given lotting priority until you have received 50%+ of the stones/cards from linkshell events.
But remember, free time farming is not frowned upon. It shows that you are willing to better yourself and your job.
If you farm your own triggers for a linkshell event the items dropped from the NMs will be afforded the normal lotting rules, aside from a few special cases. (If you farm a VNM pop on your own, you may lot the items from the VNM).

REMEMBER: Kizunas is a linkshell based on helping their members we are not just an end game linkshell. Be courteous to other linkshell members and keep in mind how much you play the job you will be lotting items for. Help the linkshell members outside of events. Even if you’re allowed to lot items for a job, it doesn't always mean you should. If someone else plays the job more frequently than you, it may be a good idea to pass. Above all else, treat each other with consideration and courtesy as equals and as friends. Help the linkshell and the linkshell will certainly help you.


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